2m pvc welded lobster wire mesh

2m wide PVC welding  lobster wire mesh
Electric welding network is also known as external wall insulation wire mesh, galvanized wire mesh, galvanized wire mesh, steel wire mesh, welding wire mesh
Welding wire mesh, building wire mesh, external wall insulation wire mesh, decorative wire mesh, wire mesh, square mesh, screen mesh and crack prevention wire mesh .
English: welded wire mesh, pvc crab welded wire mesh
Material: wire extraction, galvanized wire, stainless steel wire pvc metal wire
The types of electric welding network are: wire drawing welded wire mesh, hot zinc coated galvanized welded wire mesh,

stainless steel welding mesh, PVC electric welding wire mesh dipped plastic welding mesh, plastic coated electric welding mesh

and spray welded electric welding wire mesh

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