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Aluminum Alloy Decorative Wire Mesh

Aluminum Alloy Decorative Wire Mesh

Aluminum Alloy Decorative Wire Mesh
spefication of  wire mesh filter disc 
Wire mesh Filter discs2. Applications:

As a new kind of building decoration materials, I was widely used in building elevation, divider, the ceiling, shade, balconies and corridors, shutter, staircases and airport access stations, hotels, museums, opera houses, concert halls, office buildings, 

Decorative Wire Mesh for architectures are popularly used in decorations of exhibition halls, hotels and luxurious room decorations as screens, also inside and outside decorations in superior office buildings, dancing halls, business halls, shopping center and sports center, ceilings, walls, stairs and railings. Decorative Wire Mesh fabrics offer certain protection in addition to the good decorative effects. 
Stainless steel filter discs 
Mesh tube 
wire mesh strainer 
Stainless steel filter wafer and stainless steel filters, metal mesh, stainless steel filter, stainless steel mesh, filter disc filter, chemical fiber assembly, etc.
Processing: it is made of different metal mesh network combined with supporting network and made through package edge technology
Material: stainless steel filter, mat type nets, black wire cloth, copper mesh, galvanized square wire mesh, black wire cloth, etc.
Mesh diameter: 4-10000 - mm 
Features: 1. The average filtration precision: 5-80 um; 2. Have the characteristics of large flow, high filtration efficiency;stainless steel wire mesh application range: applicable to petroleum, oil refining, chemical industry, light industry, medicine, metallurgy, machinery, ships, cars, tractors and other industry in distillation, absorption, evaporation and filtration process, eliminate the entrained droplets in steam or gas and liquid foam, and car tractor is used as the air wire mesh filter.
Metal filters include single, double, three layers, four layers and five layers, or processed as required.