fishing wire mesh

plastic wire mesh

Plastic wire mesh can be divided into two kinds: draft mesh and non-draft mesh. Plastic drawing net equipment is composed of extruder, cooling and setting of rotating die, traction, winding and other auxiliary machines. According to the special requirements of the product series, different configurations are adopted, which are suitable for the production of plastic drafting nets with different functions, such as drafting  wire mesh, non-knotted nets, flat filter nets, fence nets, fence nets, horticultural and agricultural nets, engineering [...]

how to identify the material 201 and 304 during buy stainless steel wire mesh

The chemical formula of 201 is that the chemical formula of 1Cr17Mn6Ni5304 is 06Cr19Ni10; the main difference between them is nickel chromium, 304 is 19 chromium and 10 nickel, and 201 is 17 chromium 5 nickel. 201 stainless steel contains manganese, but 304 is not; from the color, 201 stainless steel is darker than 304, and 304 is brighter than 304, but this is not easily distinguishable by the naked eye. Because the nickel content is different, the 201 corrosion resistance [...]

the craft of plain weaving and twill weaving usd in producing stainless steel wire mesh

plain weave: each diameter thread crosses the weft thread across the weft threads across each thread across the thread. Weft thread diameter added value a25.4mm < A or less 28mm weaving process: divided into plain woven stainless steel mesh, twill weave stainless steel mesh. (2)  twill weave: each diameter thread crosses on every 2 yarns and passes through each weft thread across each 2 threads. The export standard stainless steel wire mesh, plain weave stainless steel wire mesh. twill weave stainless steel [...]

the spefication of stainless steel crimped wire mesh

Because of the special properties of stainless steel, stainless steel crimped woven wire mesh are commonly used in industries with relatively strict stability requirements. For example, the food industry is used for making food basket wire mesh , and chemical industry is used for wire mesh screening and wire mesh filtering under acid and alkaline environment. Electroplating industry is used as pickling net, oil industry as mud wire mesh, building decoration as decoration wire mesh, oil separator of automobile industry, etc. [...]

How to identify stainless steel 304 grade

how to identify stainless steel  greade used in stainless steel woven wire mesh This kind of medicine which is specially tested for steel can be sold in hardware stores. 1, no nickel material, liquid drops into dark red instantly; 2, 201 stainless steel, liquid drops instantly into dark brown red, 3, 202 stainless steel, droplets in 5 seconds into light brown red, 4, 301 stainless steel, droplets in 1-2 minutes into light brick red *. 5, 304 stainless steel, the [...]

the feature of acid resisting 304 stainless steel wire

Stainless steel screen is also known as stainless steel mesh, stainless steel wire mesh, stainless steel woven mesh, stainless steel filter mesh, stainless steel square hole net. Stainless steel screen refers to stainless steel wire or plate and other stainless steel materials produced by the regular arrangement of mesh products. Stainless steel screen material: SUS201, 302, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 310, 310S, 321, 430, 410, 2205/2507, 347 and other stainless steel grades. Stainless steel screen types: weaving, welding, stretching, punching and other [...]

supply australia steel crimped wire mesh

Raw materials: high carbon steel black wire, galvanized steel wire, high zinc coated galvanized steel wire and copper  wire Textile structure and characteristics: after the first rolling, bi-directional bending, bidirectional septum bending, locking and bending, flat top bending, two-way bending, one-way bends, long square holes weave. The feature of mesh hole has a strong, durable and uniform mesh packing :wooden palect or wooden case Width: 1 meters – – 8 meters Use: widely used in mining, petroleum, chemical, construction, mechanical accessories, protection net, [...]

what application of using stanless steel crimped wire mesh

Stainless steel screen is special for stainless steel because of its special properties. Stainless steel mesh and stainless steel mesh are commonly used in industries with relatively strict stability requirements. Stainless steel screens, such as the food basket used for food loading, are used for wire mesh screening and filtration in acid and alkaline environments. Electroplating industry is used as pickling wire mesh.oil industry as mud net, building decoration as decoration net, oil separator of automobile industry, etc. Stainless [...]

the characteric of stainless steel crimped wire mesh

A large amount of nickel is added to the stainless steel wire screen . stainless steel crimped wire mesh for obtaining a single austenite. If chromium and nickel two elements are combined into a chrome nickel stainless steel  crimped wire mesh. In order to improve its corrosion resistance and technological property. It has strong plasticity and toughness at room temperature and low temperature. It has no magnetism and has better intergranular corrosion resistance. Whatap:0086 18132798156   skype:ericwiremesh1     [...]

the Performance characteristics of stainless steel crimped wire mesh

Introduction of stainless steel  crimped wire mesh products 1. material: stainless steel wire 301, 302, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 321L 2. weaving: stainless steel crimped wire mesh, post weaving, two-way bending, two-way wave bending, unidirectional bending characteristics: heat resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, and wide structure. 3. specifications:stainless steel  mesh 1-24 mesh, wire diameter 40 wire -600 wire mesh, width 1 meters -5 meters. Many kinds of rolling stainless steel crimped wire mesh can be made.