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knitting filter mesh
Gas-liquid filter mesh or gas-liquid mesh, also called foam net, woven wire mesh, knitted wire mesh, knitted wire mesh, screen wire mesh, wire mesh screen, is a kind of woven wire mesh in the form of special, it is used for making screen defoaming machine, oil and gas separator, dust removal, environmental protection; The separation of various occasions, filter unit; Automobile and tractor filter; Auto parts of sealing, damping (suspension), sound and exhaust purification device; Electronic, electrical products, such as electromagnetic interference shielding device is also widely used. Wire diameter specifications: 0.08 mm ~ 0.30 mm flat wire or round wire. Single strands of weaving, knitting and metal wire and non-metallic wire (various fiber) weaving and so on, according to the need can pressure on screen specifications of the corrugated shape rolled into a variety of patterns.