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crimped wire mesh

eric crimped wire mesh northeast granary as national granary experimental base, the new developed a granary nets. Can also be called corn crimped wire mesh, food storage net, galvanized crimped wire mesh.

L granary crimped wire mesh material: cold cold wire drawing, galvanized iron wire, galvanized iron wire.

Granary crimped wire mesh weaving: medium flower crimped wire mesh, crimped wire mesh roll.

Granary crimped wire mesh specifications: there are three main, silk warp 60 # aperture 0.5 0.6 centimeters in size, wire diameter, 90 #, 100 # aperture 0.5 0.6 cm all sizes, silk by 250 # aperture 4.5 cm.

Granary crimped wire mesh surface treatment: hot dip galvanized, cold galvanized, jinsu, etc.

Granary crimped wire mesh characteristics: beautiful save a space, structure, durable, rat, insect-resistant, ventilated effect is good wait for an advantage.

Granary crimped wire mesh use: multi-purpose granary, mining, coal, building, with walls, petroleum chemical industry, construction machinery, etc