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304 316 stainless steel metal mesh basket

Product use: stainless steel disinfection wire mesh baskets for the medical industry, the disinfector used. Products can be used for disinfection sterilization, ultrasonic cleaning, etc., especially to surgical instruments, medical apparatus and instruments in the instrument trays with cleaning, disinfection and sterilization.

Product features: 1, using stainless steel material, surface treatment of electrolytic polishing processing, durable, bright as a mirror, no rust, no variant.

2, using the micro resistance welding and seamless butt welding technology, make the product without solder joints, welding injury, no burrs, no loss, safe use.

3, grid design for water or steam penetration, guarantee the cleaning and sterilization effect.

4, apply to medical units, hospitals, departments, such as operating room, supply room, disinfection, dental clinics and wards all cleaning disinfection sterilization treatment related departments of medical institutions. Many wire mesh basket can be stacked mesh basket