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stainless steel wire mesh basket

Stainless steel standard sterilization wire mesh basket is called the standard basket, sterile basket, disinfection supply center hospital blue (stored aircraft carrying the basket), ISO standard sterilization basket, basket, ISO standard of high quality stainless steel sterilization basket, sterilizer standard  wire mesh basket, sterilizer on top, stainless steel shelf basket, stainless steel send car under the wire mesh basket, basket sterilizer standards

Product USES the high quality stainless steel mesh basket, the surface welding process, no prominent solder joints, after electrolytic polishing, carrying goods more beautiful and practical.

Stainless steel standard sterilization basket, 1 is made of high quality 316 stainless steel material, bacteria rate is low, highly resistant to acid and alkali; 2 storage wire mesh basket and transportation is convenient; 3 can effectively avoid hand contact with aseptic goods caused by the pollution; 4 items used for the sterilization and aseptic goods storage and transportation; More than 5 standard deposit basket can be stacked column, saving storage space; 6 as a container for storage, transportation and cleaning  wire mesh basket