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professional in producing stainless steel knitting wire mesh

Stainless steel gas liquid filter is to determine the raw material of stainless steel gas liquid filter products. Mainly divided into three stainless steel, alloy and pure metal. 304 stainless steel material in 304 l, 304 l, 321, 316, and the most widely used, alloy material mainly for: monel alloy, pure pure nickel metal and pure titanium. Gas-liquid filter made by our factory products are: standard type, high efficiency, high penetration and damping number four types of products.


Main material of stainless steel knitting wire mesh . woven wire mesh

06 cr19ni10 (304).

Is a kind of common stainless steel, it is widely used to produce good comprehensive performance, corrosion resistance and formability) equipment and parts. 304 stainless steel is according to the United States ASTM standards to produce a brand of stainless steel. The equivalent of 304 0 cr18ni9 stainless steel of our country. 304 17% chromium and nickel 17%. 304 is the most widely used stainless steel, heat-resistant steel. Used in food production equipment, chemical equipment, etc