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the application of monel gas liquid filter mesh

Monel gas-liquid filter in fluorine, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, and their derivatives have excellent corrosion resistance. Acid medium: monel 400 in concentration less than 85% of the sulfuric acid corrosion. Monel 400 is one of few important materials in hydrofluoric acid resistance. Water corrosion: M400 alloy under the condition of most water corrosion, not only the excellent corrosion resistance, and few pitting corrosion, stress corrosion, etc, found that the corrosion rate is less than 0.025 mm/a high temperature corrosion: M400 continuous work in air generally at about 600 ℃, the highest temperature in the high temperature steam, corrosion rate is less than 0.026 mm/a. Ammonia: as the monel 400 high nickel alloy content, can be resistant to below 585 ℃ under the condition of anhydrous ammonia and ammoniation of corrosion.

Generally solid solution state of monel wire mesh K500 corrosion resistance and monel alloy 400 basic same, therefore, the corrosion resistance of monel 400 data can completely suitable for monel K500 alloy. Because of the alloy in low flow in the seawater corrosion speed and high strength of the alloy, as a result, the alloy is particularly suited to making seawater corrosion of centrifugal pump shaft.