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stainless steel crimped wire mesh

Wire mesh, stainless steel crimped wire mesh

Wire mesh specifications: 1 yard - 24, 1-5 metres  

Material quality: stainless steel wire, 202. 202. 304. 304, l. 316. 316, l. 321. Nickel wire mesh 

Stainless steel wire characteristics: high temperature resistant, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance.

Wire mesh weaving and characteristics: first, after rolling two-way wave bending, locked bending, flat-topped curved, two-way bending, one-way wave bending; Solid structure.

Wire mesh USES: used in acid, alkali environment conditions screening and filtering. The oil industry as mud mesh, chemical fiber industry as screen mesh, plating industry as pickling nets.


Mild steel wire mesh, crimped wire mesh

Material: high quality low carbon, all kinds of wire rod as raw material to prepare; After rolling, two-way wave bending, flat-topped bending, bending, one-way wave bending, firm structure.

Specification: wire diameter phi 150-2000

Mesh size: 0.3 cm - 30 cm

Wire mesh USES: used for mountain, mines, construction.

Size: according to customer requirements.

Steel wire mesh, 65 manganese steel crimped wire mesh

Material: iron wire, high manganese steel wire, galvanized iron wire, black steel wire, galvanized wire, 30 mnsi 65 mn, copper wire, stainless steel wire and other non-ferrous metals.

Wire mesh weaving methods: rolling before they are compiled.

Crimped wire forms: two-way wave bending, bending, tight bi-directional bending, flat-topped bending