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metal decorative wire mesh

Metal decoration wire mesh  (building decoration metal mesh) is composed of metal bars or metal wire woven, according to the weft knitting fabric woven form into diameter, spiral set of forms, such as use of materials including stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other metal, the scope of its application field widely, adornment effect is vivid, has become the latest must-haves in the current architectural art, and has a trend of rapid development.

Main characteristics:

Metal curtain wall with incombustible, high strength, strong, functional, easy to maintain, easy to forming, exceptional service life, and can be a very good protection effect to the building structure features, and more in line with the requirements of environmental protection and fire safety. Metal curtain wall decoration net installation is simple, rapid, and can be widespread use, also can make local adornment ornament only. Its chic, elegant appearance, adornment effect is vivid, intense, diversity, different light, different environment, different times and different observation angles, the effect is different. Can be applied to various occasions and purposes, stainless steel with the texture and lighting effects, reveal elegant temperament, extraordinary personality, noble taste.