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Stainless Steel Filter Tube Introduced and the Principle

Stainless steel filter tube generally consists of two, stainless steel wire mesh, stainless steeldutchj wire mesh,stainless steel crimped wire mesh. Another part of the flange, the stainless steel plate welding lap welding and become straight. Its process is simple, the surface brightness, resistance to corrosion, etc. Stainless steel filter tube mainly used in oil filter, water filter, air filter and other industries. Small amounts of impurities in a filter medium can be removed, can protect the normal work of the equipment or the air is clean, with certain accuracy when the fluid passes through a filter cartridge filters, the impurity is blocked, and cleaning fluids flow through filter cartridges.

Filter cartridge can be cleansed contaminated media, we need for clean production, living state and cleanliness. Cartridge filters using range is very broad, big to industrial production, such as iron and steel smelting, power generation, Marine and so on, small to drinking water treatment, solid waste in the utilization, passenger car filter, bicycle lubricating oil and so on, our life are using filters in clean technology. Anping united macro production of stainless steel wire mesh filter cartridge filtration precision absolute value with heart rate is high, big, straight good under pressure, with no burrs, ensure long life and other advantages.