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the using of stainless steel metal decorative wire mesh

Decorative stainless steel wire mesh application field widely, they can be used as the building's facade, partition, ceiling, awning, balcony and corridors, pillar surface decoration, shutter, stair access and hotel, office, exhibition hall, shops and other high-end interior decoration. Stainless steel decoration net is not limited by space, the characteristics of convenient installation, with lights will produce very mysterious effect, contemporary feeling strong. A structure is beautiful, strong and durable.

Also can produce copper or aluminum alloy mesh as the raw material of metal mesh, finished product can be metal color, also can spray figure into bronze, brass, copper bordeaux or other color, the height can be made according to the need for special. Now can be used in the mesh of net: hook flower net, ring net belt, pedal mesh, crimped wire mesh, twisted   wire mesh