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stainless steel wire mesh tube

Stainless steel tube is mainly 201, 304, 304 l, 316, 316 l stainless steel mesh, stainless steel net, stainless steel welded wire mesh, etc as main material, after welding is made and be become, have points of single and double and basket type, flange type, ear type and style, such as screw thread interface type.

Stainless steel wire mesh filter cartridges

catalyst filtration and separation;

petrochemical high temperature gas filtration, petrochemical factory ebullated bed exhaust filter, catalytic cracking slurry oil filter;

purification of high temperature flue gas of metallurgical industry;

other high temperature gas and liquid filtration;

petroleum and chemical industry in a variety of high temperature, corrosive liquid, catalyst filtering;

chemical fiber film industry in different kinds of polymer melt filter purification,

the pharmaceutical industry in various filtration separation of catalysts;

used for gas distribution, liquid fluidized bed orifice plate materials;

used for high pressure reverse flushing oil filter, etc.;

used to filter cooking oil, beverage and food of all kinds of slurry