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stainless steel cleaning wire mesh basket

Stainless steel cleaning wire mesh basket  

suitable for use in medical treatment, the disinfector used.

can be applied to objects of disinfection sterilization, ultrasonic cleaning, storage use, etc., especially suitable for the surgical instruments, medical apparatus and instruments in the equipment together for cleaning and disinfection sterilization trays.

3, suitable for all medical units, hospitals, departments and other related to cleaning disinfection sterilization treatment department of medical institutions.

Stainless steel cleaning basket advantage: the product has good surface roughness, smooth and no burr, adaptable, with no deformation - 45 degrees of environment to maintain, not to take off the solder joints, never rust, corrosion resistance, no rust, avirulent insipidity, smooth surface not oarsman, burr, strong and durable.

Stainless steel cleaning basket use: suitable for different kinds of meat, fish, vegetables, barbecue, fire and air, etc., can cooperate to burn oven, oven or drying box using stainless steel cleaning basket, at the same time, can also be applied to domestic hospitals, medical equipment manufacturers, Banks, food machinery and other industries