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Eric of Package Edge Filter

Package edge filter can choose, etc.) (201,304,316, 316 l) stainless steel woven wire mesh, black wire cloth, galvanized iron wire and other metal as raw material, has the branch of single-layer, multi-layer according to shape into round, rectangular, waist shape, oval and other mesh products

Features 1. Average filtration precision5-80 - um;

2. Have the characteristics of large flow, high filtration efficiency;

 3. The main specifications have  40/20, 65/30, 90/30, 90/45, 90/30, 155/70, 175/90, etc;

4. The filter material phosphor copper mesh, plain weave stainless steel wire mesh, twill mesh and stainless steel dutch wire mesh.


filter press can be divided into shape:rectangular,  circular shape, spacing, waist, abnormity.

Press filter structure points  single-layer network, multilayer composite filter plate, combined filter

According to the layer number of filtering net blades single, double, three, four layers and five layers and multilayer.

Package edge filter mesh assembly product can be widely used for oil refining,chemical light industry medicine,metallergical machinery ,ship distillation of automobile tractor industry,absorb the process such as evaporation filter bag,edge filter to enterained droplets in steam or gas and the liquid foam and tractor is used as air filter in cars.