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AISI304 Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
Material:316L、316、304L、304、304A .NIE(N:99.5%)。
Process:have different types including Plain weaving,Twill Weaving,Dutch Weaving(PW) ,Dutch Weaving (TW).

Features:The main features of the stainless steel wire mesh are standard material,plain and clean face,standard hole size,good extensibility  and the ability to define the damages.

Use:Because of the features ,the stainless steel wire mesh and stainless steel wire cloth are always used in screening and filter area  in the Acid-base situation,oil industry,chemical industry, EnvironmentalProtection,Mineral,Coalwashing,Aviationarea,PaperIndustry,Electronic,MetallurgyElectronic industry,filter ,etc.

Specification:The main size include MESH600、MESH500、MESH450、MESH400、MESH350、MESH325、MESH300、MESH280、MESH250、MESH200、MESH180、MESH150、MESH100、MESH80、MESH60、MESH50、MESH40、MESH30、MESH20、MESH10。

WIDTH:0.914M、1M、1.22M、1.3M、1.4M、1.5M、1.6M、2M、2.5M、3M、3.5M、4M。The special width can be ordered.
packing:The outside of the products should be packed according the order :water-proof paper-Damp proof membrane-Cushion film-Cardboard tubes-wooden carton,to avoid the destroy during the shipment.