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Twill Weave Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

The feature:. Take compared to the smooth stainless steel mesh, twill stainless steel mesh are generally high mesh, twill weave every the two warps there is a weft yarn through the plain is every one warps there is a weft through. The density of  twill weaved stainless steel wire mesh is bigge than the plain weaved stainles steel wire mesh ,the filter ability is also stronge,more hardness,more wearable.So most of the wire emsh with lower mesh choose the twill pllain weave type.And the mesh of high mesh always choose the Twill weave type,because of the twill weaved is cheapper than the plain weaved type.

Eric package:The outside of the products should be packed according the order :water-proof paper-Damp proof membrane-Cushion film-Cardboard tubes-wooden carton,to avoid the destroy during the shipment.

Material:316L、316、304L、304、304A .NIE(N:99.5%)。

Specification:The main size include MESH600、MESH500、MESH450、MESH400、MESH350、MESH325、MESH300、MESH280、MESH250、MESH200、MESH180、MESH150、MESH100、MESH80、MESH60、MESH50、MESH40、MESH30、MESH20、MESH10。WIDTH:0.914M、1M、1.22M、1.3M、1.4M、1.5M、1.6M、2M、2.5M、3M、3.5M、4M。The special width can be ordered.