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Eric of Stainless Steel Printing Mesh

(stainless steel printing mesh) has the following characteristics:

It is a cloth in the printing industry, plain weave or twill weaving. Square mesh stainless steel printing mesh requirements for the two diameters of the adjacent side angle of 90 degrees, high permeability. Flat surface shall not have joints silk knot, mesh uniformity, high strength friction assertion that the response rate, acid and alkali, not change the intensity of the ultraviolet impact. Stainless steel printing mesh particularly compact and, at the same time ensure the network thick tension value within the allowable tolerance range, the degree of stretching of the nets and increase network through the use of carefully selected special alloy materials, as well as the use of the most advanced weaving techniques the precision of the sub to be more suitable for high-density printing.
stainless steel printing meshgenerally used for stainless circuit board printing network, generally 250 mesh stainless steel wire mesh. Battery plate printing network. Monitor printing network. Ceramic printing network

High tension: the tension of the stainless steel printing mesh much higher than ordinary polyester mesh.Low elongation: very small screen elongation.

High flexibility: stainless steel printing network has high elasticity.

 Has excellent resistance to corrosion, even more than the polyester fiber, high corrosion resistance.

Anti-static: anti-the printed static, to ensure the safety of the printing.

Good hot melt: the special function of the stainless steel mesh, suitable for hot melt ink.

 The good solvent resistance: good solvent resistance, and to ensure clean itself, complete.