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hot galvanized wire ,hot dipped galvanized wire factory

Hot Galvanized Wire process of producing

material:q195,q235, steel rod,diameter;from5.5mm-6.5mm


steel rod,diameter;from5.5mm-6mm


because of the thick of wire rod ,so it need first drawing steelrod from 6.5mm to 4.5mm


redrawing the steel wire from 4.5mm and annealed it make it soft and flexible,


after two times redrawing steel wire,the steel wire become what we need useful wire,so we need tidy up the slender wire rod and one side drawing it and one side we put them to annealed oven,



now all slender wire redrawing and through our annealed oven,


after annealed the wire,there produce some grain with iron oxide,and other rust chemical particle on the surface of wire, so the most important process is clean impurity through the chemical pickling,







drying slender wire and coated zinc on the serface of wire through the high temperature,




(9) finised hot galvanized wire 



packing the steel wire follow our client s'demand

plastic films with woven bag outside,and hessian