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Eric of Stainless Steel Windows Screen

Stainless steel window screen (super safety nets, anti theft network, bulletproof wire mesh,mesh

transformers), in general is a branch of stainless steel wire mesh, mainly composed of stainless steel woven and then spray painting.


Product features: stainless steel anti-theft window screen is made from high strength stainless steel wire diameter heavy precision machine and become, surface after coating inferior smooth treatment, dark outfit in aluminum doors and Windows, organic composite as a body, has high strength, powerful simplicity, shear, impact resistance and other high quality performance, and truly embodies the guard against theft, insect-resistant, ventilation, beautiful, safe, etc


Material: 304, 316 stainless steel, carbon steel. Specifications: 11, 12 * 0.8 mm * 0.7 mm, 10 yard, 8.5 * 0.9 mm * 1.0 mm * 1.6 mm, 4 orders Mesh size: 1200 mm * 2000 mm, 1200 mm * 2400 mm, 900 mm * 2400 mm, 900 mm * 2400 mm, 750 mm * 2400 mm, 750 mm * 2400 mm


 Mesh impressions: fully without vertigo, indoor to outdoor look, like a layer of transparent, colored glass outdoor to indoor look hazy and ambiguous. Function: strong resistance to impact, against theft, bulletproof, insect prevention, etc. Product features: smooth surface, mesh number of standard, the latitude and longitude curve is consistent, its remarkable characteristic is hard like iron BanShi, protected against theft, bulletproof, home office is the first selection of safety protection.


 Product features and use: state of the net for iron plate, hard, fight bump force strong, this is our products the most significant characteristics. Transmission of light is very good: high resolution from inside to outside, look from the inside extroversion, can build the illicit close space, safe and comfortable for you at the same time can block mosquitoes into the indoor, is the bedroom and office warmth, security, against theft, bulletproof, preferred products. Commonly referred to as metal security doors and Windows network. Anti theft window screen is new on the market of high-end home, our product is also cater to the emerging markets. This product to market, meet the quite a number of clients want to only one product can achieve prevent theft and the desire of the mosquitoes.