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Application of Steel Grating

Along with the development of The Times, the steel grid board application is more and more, also can be made into a variety of products for use, can be said to be the people grille plate double choice of choose and buy, the following is the product of a variety of specifications and application:


1, the steel grid board condole top (nicknamed the steel case board condole top)


Is made of steel grid plate design and manufacture. Structure is simple, beautiful, high strength feasible people, device hot dip zinc, concise appearance, anticorrosive and durable and maintenance free of paint. Is widely used in tobacco manufacturing, industrial buildings, large stadium, exhibition center, large trade, station, wharf, airport, etc. Industrial and civil building in the ceiling.


2, steel grid plate stair step


Step of the device has two kinds of welded and bolted. Adopting hot-dip zinc treatment, product appearance and daiwa DiaoLan necessary use, with beautiful and strong, simple installation, maintenance and other advantages. Steel ladder manufacture fit GB4053.2-83 specification and satisfied the national atlas of general building standard design 87 j422 (JSJT - 90).


3, thick steel plate


Dense steel case board refers to the bearing flat steel spacing is less than 25 mm bonding steel plate. Its completely has the specification of bonding steel plate method and beauty, as well as the device is simple advantages, a more satisfied to some different places across the leakage or the size of the object have strict requirements under the premise, for example people large civil, dense steel case board can be satisfied with mies high-heeled shoes to walk requirements; To large industrial and mining enterprises such as flow, requirements are not allowed to have a bigger objects (such as the diameter of less than 20 mm steel ball) fall in to meet demand, etc.


Broad product use, is the user's optional products, welcome people from all walks of life come to my factory consultation for more product information.