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Platform Steel Grating

Description of platform steel grating:

Application of platform steel grating: extremely broad, general factory, workshop, mining, ports, each kind of platform can be choose, beautiful style, installation is convenient, is a kind of new building products update. Eric company can be produce more than one hundred types of platform steel grating for the customer to choose


 Platform the characteristics of the steel plate

* Can add welding in the steel grating around the kick plate (guard board), decorative pattern plate armor plate, the installation of fittings and accessories.

* Steel grid plate is used to load different specifications of the flat steel flat package edge, or with Angle steel, channel steel, square tube, etc

Three, can be in need to often move or open platform steel grating installed on the handle and hinge.


Platform of steel grating design and production requirements:

* In order to prevent falling objects through the platform of steel case board, platform steel grating  should be no big Yu Gangge board clearance clearance gap. Platform of steel grid plate clearance clearance should not allow a diameter of 35 mm ball fall through.


* In some places the above platform steel grid plate clearance clearance should not make 20 mm diameter ball fall through, or other appropriate facilities to ensure the same security level should be adopted.


* In order to prevent the risk of falling, the installation of the steel plate should be fixed with welding method. Steel grating shall be carried out in accordance with the flat pieces of steel structure installation, after installation can lateral movement or out of supporting frame, steel grid plate bearing flat steel direction at both ends in the frame of supporting length of each segment should not be less than 25 mm. Need to activities and removable platform steel grating must use special steel grating installation fixture fixed well. Prevent any displacement of the components; Installation clip rules can have factory to supply the buyer requirements, in addition to the stainless steel materials manufacturing installation clip, clip must be treated by hot dip galvanized carbon steel fabrication and installation, suggest installation clip bolt by the hot dip galvanized processing, bolts shall not be less than 8 mm in diameter, each piece of steel grid plate number of installation clip used shall not be less than


* In order to find out any corrosion or any dangerous loose or clamping position changes, should check on the attachment of fastening state at any time.


* Composite steel grating is also one of the widely used as a platform.