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Ditch Cover Plate Steel Grating, Ditch Cover Grating, Drain Trench Cover

Ditch cover plate steel grating, ditch cover grating,  drain trench cover) used in the pavement, roadbed, courtyard or the structure of the ground as a ditch, ditch, underground passage, pipe line, the wind well, light well, check the well cover, etc. Steel grating groove are generally made of a fixed frame and the activity of steel grating cover plate. According to the need can be fitted with fastening device or security devices.


 GT steel grating trench cover:
Roadway steel grating groove cover according to the direction of dealership is divided into side ditch cover and the hengduan ditch cover. Bearing flat steel vertical direction to that of the dealership called side ditch cover, bearing flat steel and auto direction parallel called cross sectional ditch cover.


GT steel grating ditch cover applies to except the highway road situation, general traffic. When used as hengduan GouGou cover need to be considered up to the plate, bolt fixed steel plate should be adopted ditch cover, steel grid plate groove anti-corrosion cover all use hot dip galvanized.


GT steel grating trench cover for bearing groove along the mouth (T), along the mouth usually use Angle of build by laying bricks or stones.


 GU type steel grating cover:
For most common concrete build by laying bricks or stones of the skull trench mouth, adopt u-shaped ditch cover plate is very simple and save, do not need special GouYan mouth. Load, T T - 6-14, tick along the mouth suggest embedding Angle, at the same time, can use prefabricated u-shaped groove block building ditch, effectively prevent leakage of water to the earth, the prefabrication of u-shaped channel can also use this type of trench cover. When need a car, GU gully grating plate applies only to the side ditch.


GM type shaft Kong Gang case board:
Roads, parks and other municipal facilities of water Wells, Wells, water Wells under heavy shajing, such as water supply and drainage hole or porosity, manhole cover, all can use GM type well Kong Gang lattice grating cover. GM type shaft Kong Gang grating generally can be designed to turn type, usually double opening and closing Angle is 110 °. With the steel hinge pin grid plate cover not only security but also simplified the construction procedure. In order to improve the shock resistance capacity, GM type shaft Kong Gang grating  generally adopts the bar spacing is 50 mm steel plate to make. We have many kinds of steel grid plate products for your choose and order.