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Composite Steel Grating

Composite steel grating profile:

Composite steel grating is made must have across the seal on the surface of the bearing capacity of steel grating and checkered steel plate or steel net consisting of a steel grating of new products.


Composite steel grating can be any kind of models of the thickness of steel plate and different grain steel form work. But the most commonly used is to use G323/40/100 steel low plate; The decorative pattern of 3 mm thick steel plate, also can use 4 mm, 5 mm or 6 mm plate. Composite steel grating series 3 commonly used (60 mm flat steel spacing) plate steel grid plate, also can use series 1 (30 mm flat steel spacing) or 2 (40 mm flat steel spacing) steel grid plate; Pattern 3 mm thick plate steel grating, also can use 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm plate.


The characteristics of the composite steel grating:

 * composite steel grating has high strength, light structure, corrosion resistance is strong, durable characteristic.

*due to the steel plate surface bright lustre, good appearance, and don't accumulate dirt, no accumulated snow and rain water in rain and snow day, can from the clean, easy to maintain, so get a wide range of applications in recent years.

* ventilation, lighting, cooling, prevent slippery, explosion-proof, and install he breaks the unloading is very convenient.


Composite steel grating widly used in products generally, composite steel grating is 3 steel plate as floor series, according to the customer request series 1 or 2 series can be used as a base plate. If in the side or bottom of steel grating

[steel mesh after screen, can prevent small drops, used in the granary, restaurants, warehouses complex halftone, can prevent the mice and other small animals to enter. In addition, composite steel grid plate is widely used in power plants, chemical plants, oil refineries, steel mills, paper mills, machinery, cement plants, municipal engineering, sewage treatment works, municipal engineering, environmental sanitation engineering, etc. Some areas of platform, walkway, piers, trench cover, manhole covers, ladders, etc