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Steel Grating Commonly Used Terms and Their Definitions

Description of steel grating:
Steel grating is a kind of the bearing flat steel and rail according to certain spacing between orthogonal combination, fixed by welding or press the lock open plate steel members. According to different production methods, mainly divided into bonding steel grating and the compression steel.

Steel grating commonly used terms and their definitions

Flat steel bar: orthogonal to load on the twisted square steel, round steel, or flat. Preferred twisted square steel.

Package edge plate, welded steel grating bearing flat steel or other openings, the incision on the edge of the flat steel or steel

Skirting board: fixed platform or steel grid plate around the incision, the edge of the hole of the baffle.

Bearing flat steel, flat steel bar under main load: fixed in load lay on the flat steel square steel, round steel, or flat steel, etc.

Clearance clearance: the maximum inscribed circle diameter steel grille open hole.

Steel grating length: maximum size in parallel to the direction of the bearing flat steel grille, known as the length of the steel grating (L)

Steel grating width: the direction perpendicular to the bearing flat steel grille maximum size, called steel grille width (W)

Rail center spacing: two adjacent bar center to center distance between.

The bearing flat steel center spacing: adjacent bearing flat steel center to center distance between the two.

Steel grating product structure:
Steel grating have loads and flat steel bar fabric are arranged according to certain spacing grating, by the flat by the load, the length direction of the steel grid plate; Zonal rung, namely steel grid plate width. At every intersection point load flat steel and sheet of, should lock should be fixed by welding, riveting or pressure. Steel plate welding preferred pressure resistance welding, arc welding is used. Steel grating pressure lock can be used flat pressing machine to press the rail into load should be fixed.

Steel grating should be according to the needs of customers, processed into the shape of various sizes. Load the spacing and cross bar of the flat steel spacing can be determined by supply and demand both sides according to the design requirements. Flat steel for industrial platform, it is recommended that the load shall not be greater than 40 mm spacing and cross bar spacing shall not be greater than 165 mm