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the concept of stainless steel knitting wire mesh

Gas-liquid filter mesh, broken foam net, filter, braided net, it actually knitting sweater knitting a method improving on traditional woven wire mesh. Woven with silk is commonly from 0.08 to 0.50 mm round wire or pressed into flat wire, wire diameter from 0.30 mm or less can be more strands of knitting, but also form of multiple strands of braided wire and fibre knitting a partnership.

Q/a, Shanghai SG12-1-79 standard of gas liquid filter criteria is as follows:

1, the standard specifications

40-60-150, 100, 105-300, 140-400. 160-400

2, high efficiency type specification

60-100, 80-100, 80-80, 150-300, 200-150

3, high penetration type specification

20-100, 80-100, 70-80, 170-560, 170-170

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