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galvanized wire

Galvanized wire is made of high quality low carbon steel wire rod processing and into galvanized wire products. Galvanized wire is divided into: hot dip galvanized wire and electric galvanized wire.

Galvanized wire production process: using high quality low carbon steel after drawing molding, pickling derusting, high temperature annealing, hot dip galvanized, cooling process. General galvanized wire production process is rod - large drawing, annealing, drawing, annealing, galvanized.

Galvanized wire: galvanized iron wire has good toughness and elasticity, the highest amount of zinc can reach 300 g/m2, has galvanized layer thickness, strong corrosion resistance characteristics.

The galvanized wire packing: axle wire, cut wire, U type wire, etc.

Galvanized wire: galvanized wire is widely used in construction, handicrafts, wire screen preparation, highway guardrail, product packaging and daily civil, and other fields.

Galvanized filar wire netting: galvanized crimped wire mesh, galvanized welded wire mesh, galvanized hook wire mesh, galvanized barbecue net, galvanized wire mesh, galvanized wire, galvanized iron ore screen mesh, galvanized mesh, galvanized diamond mesh, galvanized mesh, stainless steel basket with netting on top, galvanized wire mesh basket, etc.