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as we know there have a new type of fence . razor wire

 barbed wire and razor mesh wire , also known as the blade stinging, blade line, is a new type of fence. Blade thorn rope with beautiful, economical and practical, prevention effect is good, convenient construction and other excellent characteristics, at present, the razor wire and barbed wire has been widely used in industrial and mining enterprises in many countries, garden apartment, border posts, military field, prisons, detention center, government buildings and other national security facilities.

Characteristics: this product has the deterrent effect is good, beautiful, construction is convenient, excellent features such as economical and practical.

 Application: mainly used in garden apartments, office units, prisons, stations, border rounded protection, etc.

 Process: the razor barbed wire  and galvanized steel razor wire or stainless steel sheet stamping out sharp knife plate, high tension galvanized steel wire or stainless steel wire core combination of block equipment. Because of gillnets distinctive is not easy to touch, and thus can achieve excellent protective isolation effect.