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filter cartridges with wire mesh disc

Package edge mesh (filter), wire mesh disc ring wire mesh, concave (bowl) mesh, wire mesh  filter wire mesh,  wire mesh  Tube (filter cartridges), non serging net tube, quality excellent, the price is reasonable. Materials: stainless steel wire mesh,  dutch wire type nets network (lp), copper mesh, mesh, round hole net), steel plate net, aluminum net, etc. Filter types: single, double, multilayer. The net (density) of the filter material choose according to customer's requirement According to the shape into round, square, rectangular, waist shape, oval, etc. Form can also be made of concave radian wafer, namely the bowl. Also can package edge processing, make beautiful appearance. Package material: stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, copper plate. Filter diameter: 5 mm to 600 mm, special size can be customized.

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