How to identify stainless steel 304 grade

how to identify stainless steel  greade used in stainless steel woven wire mesh

This kind of medicine which is specially tested for steel can be sold in hardware stores. 1, no nickel material, liquid drops into dark red instantly; 2, 201 stainless steel, liquid drops instantly into dark brown red, 3, 202 stainless steel, droplets in 5 seconds into light brown red, 4, 301 stainless steel, droplets in 1-2 minutes into light brick red *. 5, 304 stainless steel, the droplets do not change color in 3-5 minutes

you can choose professional stainless steel wire mesh


16 mesh stainless steel crimped wire mesh            

Detail specifications:

Material:SS 430302 321 304 304L 316 316L 320.high carbon steel. Lowe steel wire

Mesh: 16×16 per Inch (per 2.54cm)

Wire Dia: 0.3mm-0.45mm

Opening size: 1.03mm

Weight: 1.8kg/m2

Weave Type: Plain Crimped wire mesh. dutch crimped wire mesh, Lock Crimped, Flat Top Crimped.



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