manufacturers corrosion resistance of five twist diamond wire mesh

eric five twist hexagonal wire mesh .diamond wire mesh .manufacturers resist corrosion zinc coated wire .  it is a factory specializing in the production of  hot galvanized wire mesh.pvc hexagonal wire mesh. Let me make a product introduction for you next. The product features of five twist hexagona lwire mesh  five screwed stone wire mesh cage or the surface of the lead stone  wire mesh cage pad on the surface of the soil or naturally deposited soil, can grow green plants such as grass, which not only carries on the river protection, but also greens the environment. The six corners of the lead wire cage lay the slope protection, the trees and weeds and other plants can grow through the wire mesh. The lead cage can not only fix the stone, but the lead cage is more beneficial to the greening environment, and the soil is fixed with green plants to prevent the rocky desertification of hillside. Two, five wring the stone cage net or the pores between the stone and the stone in the net create the conditions for the water flow, and realize the natural exchange between the water and the soil. The lead hexagonal wire mesh creates the living environment for the biological and microorganism in the water. Thus, the self purification capacity of the water body is enhanced and the water quality is protected and improved. Three. The retaining wall of the wire meh cage and the paving slope, because the filling material in the wire mesh cage is lump solid, there are more pores, exudation water, and the lead wire mesh cage can be discharged in time, reducing the probability of the wall being destroyed, and the deformation of the wall can buffer the sudden external force punching. So the life span of the lead wire mesh cage is long

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