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Plastic flat net (also known as Plastic breeding net) is plastic raw materials heat melt in the extrusion machine, by screw extrusion into a set number of holes inside and outside the special rotary die head, the molten plastic flows through the die pore forming two strands of the molten material, because of head rotation, the two strands of wire material discontinuity rendezvous point, to form a network, then through cooling finalize the design into the net.
Material: PE,PP,HDPE
Weaving and features: heat – spraying, cold – solid processing;It has the characteristics of wear-resisting, anti-corrosion and toughness. It can replace wire.It has the anti-corrosion, light weight, long life, non-toxic and tasteless transparency.Widely used in aquatic product, poultry farming, sericulture, civil construction, the conservation of aquatic products, landscape protection, railways, highways, stadium roadbed reinforcement, etc., can also be used for simmons mattress, sofa cushion, automobile cushion for leaning on, its characteristic is low cost, long life.
USES: mainly used in oil, chemical, aquaculture and other industries, and can produce automobile backrest, simmons mattress, air conditioning network, block network, embankment network etc.

Some grass protection plastic net images:

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 Q:Are you a manufacturer?
A: Yes,we have been in providing the professional products in this field for 15 years.
Q:What information should I provide,if I want a lowest quotation?
A:The specification tube size,tube number,width,length,order quantity,etc
Q:How many days will the samples be finished?And how about the mass production?
A:Generally,5-7 days for samples ,the time of mass production depends on the quantity,18-20 days for 3-5 containers.

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