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Standard Length:50m, according to customer’s order.


Plastic Net Sizes: Standard refers to table below. Custom order is also welcome.

Plastic Net Material: Polyethylene or Propene Polymer .

Plastic Net Uses: Widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, aquaculture, etc. Also used in making of

auto back mattress, spring mattress, netting for air conditioner, road base netting, etc


Using the geonet on the roadbed of the roadway and railway can distribute the load effectively, improve

the loading capacity and the stability of the roadway, and prolong its service life.

Spreading the geonet on the slope of road can prevent landslides, conserve water and soil, beautify

the environment.

Spreading the geonet in the dyke protection in the reservoir and the river can protect it from the landslide.

Using the geonet in the coast engineering can amortize the concussion and the erosion of the surface

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