Manufacture Anti-Corrosive Razor Barbed Wire

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Place of Origin:china .  Material: hot galvanized iron wire hot 0.5mm plate.     Surface Treatment:

Galvanized. Type:Barbed Wire Coil, BTO and CBT   Diameter rolls:450mm 600mm 700mm 900mm .  

Wire Diameter:2.5mm Plate Thickness:0.45mm-0.6mm.  Characteristics:Resisitant Corrosion. 

Weaving Type:  twist. Outside diameter:450mm-700mm.  Standard Length:7m-16m. 

Market:Indonesia, Italy, Brazil, Russia.  zinc coated :4-13g/m2,40-60g/m2

Our galvanized razor barbed wire is used in defending of farm land, sport ground,  with the character of beautiful

appearance, easily installed, economical, practical, anti-corrosion, and durable Normally it’s settled above the fence,

bank, bounding wall of villa, highway, fence of railway and etc. avoiding climbing across. Its materials are hot dipped

zinc coated steel plate and metal wire, stainless steel plate and stainless steel wire. So,with its good corrosion resistance.

Blade types of razor wire and type of razor mesh  from BT-10 to CBT- 65. Razor wire fence can be supplied in flat razor

wire fence, single coils concertina wire, crossed spiral coils, crossed concertina wire coils and double concertina wire,

razor wire mobile security barrier.

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