Plastic Chicken Wire Mesh

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Plastic flat mesh ( also known as plastic net ) of plastic raw materials in the extruder heating melt, through the extrusion into a number of holes and die special rotating head, molten plastic flows through the die opening pore formation of two shares of melt wire, due to head rotation, two strand of wire discontinuous converging at a point, to form a network, then cooling shaping into network.



Materials: High density polyethylene ( PE ), polypropylene ( PP ), ABS plastic particles
Width: 1m to 2m.
Hole shape: Hexagonal, Diamond, Square Oblong.
Length Normal size is 30m, 50m.we can do the size as per your request.
Weight: 8-400g/m2.
Color black, white, blue, green, yellow, orange and red etc.
Packing: Wrapped with water proof paper and plastic film bag.

Plastic Mesh Net Feature

1.Our Plastic Mesh Net is knitted high density polyethelene .

2.Our  Plastic Mesh Net for construction safety is knitted with very special method. Firm knots, uniform openings and sizes. It is firm,tough,durable and economic.

3.Our Plastic Mesh Net for construction safety offers high strength,good elasticity,easyinstallation,non- pollution.It is environment-friendly,soft,anti-aging,corrosion resistant,worm resistant,cold resistant,etc.

4.Long life, low cost, light and fold easily, imported materials,


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