Plastic Flat Wire Net For Oyster Cages

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aquaculture oyster bag floating bag mesh

 Material: 100%HDPE(polyethylene), PP, LDPE
Structure: Diamond hole, square hole
Opening: 3mmx3mm-25mmx25mm
Color: Black,Green,White,Orange green etc
Thickness: 3mm-8mm
Width: Standard width is 0.4m,0.5m, any width available at requirement.
Roll length:10m,20m,25m,50m etc, any length available at requirement.
Weight: 360g/m2-900g/m2

Materials: High density polyethylene ( PE ), polypropylene ( PP ), ABS plastic particles
Width: 1m to 2m.
Hole shape: Hexagonal, Diamond, Square Oblong etc.
Length Normal size is 30m, 50m.we can do the size as per your request.
Weight: 8-400g/m2.
Color Black, white, blue, green, yellow, orange and red etc.
Packing: Wrapped with water proof paper and plastic film bag.

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