the application of welded wire mesh can used in agriculture

pvc coated welded mesh

PVC plastic welded wire mesh is a kind of high appearance welding wire mesh
pvc Coated wire mesh
The upper part has protective spike net, the material of  pvc wire mesh used galvanized steel wire, and PVC is applied to plastic coating. It protects the beauty while ensuring the greatest degree of firmness and durability.

Material: low carbon steel wire, PVC coating wire

Manufacturing process: steel wire after welding, plastic coating, also can be plated separately, hot plating and plastic coating.

PVC plastic welding mesh: industrial, agricultural, municipal, transportation and other industries fencing, decoration, protection and other facilities.

PVC plastic coated electric welding network features: good corrosion resistance, weatherability, anti-aging, beautiful and generous. The installation is simple and quick.

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