The types and characteristics of pvc fishing wire mesh

There are two kinds of hexagonal wire mesh: one is called  hexagonal wire mesh, the other hexagonal twisted wire mesh.or fishing wire mesh The two products are completely different in technology, and their performance and usage are quite different. In common life, people usually call it the hexagonal wire mesh . In order to facilitate your understanding, here are some simple introductions.

hexagonal steel platewire mesh is a steel plate with metal plate, common with low carbon steel plate, all kinds of stainless steel plate, aluminum alloy plate and other cutting and drawing into ahexagonal wire mesh  hexagonal  steel mesh, mainly used as ceiling material, decorative wire mesh protective wire mesh  foot pedal mesh and so on. It is characterized by its support, impact resistance and skid resistance. The surface of  hexagonal wire mesh can be selected by pvc pe coating,pe  coating, galvanizing and other surface treatment of hot zinc coated processes to prevent corrosion.

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