What are the improvements in the performance of crimped wire mesh after galvanizing used in pig padding

With the progress of crimped wire mesh technology and the accumulation of knowledge about raising pigs, there are many ways to raise pigs. Today we analyze from a pig farm  that is, the crimped wire mesh,    it should be more familiar with it! , and what we are talking about today is the crimped wire mesh after galvanizing. Why do we need to operate this way?After plating a layer of zinc coated on the traditional  black crimped wire mesh , the first will be more beautiful in appearance, in line with our aesthetic point of view; the second is also due to the protection of zinc so that it can reduce corrosion when used and the time of using is also increased; moreover, it is a virtuous cycle, that is, the cost Festival. After all, after all, the previous steel crimped wire mesh were not so durable, they would have to be renewed for a period of time.


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